Thursday, January 31, 2008

A successful marketing plan doesn't have to include an athletic superstar, prime time placement, state of the art computer graphics or a massive budget. Being resourceful and smart can be just as effective. Business promotion doesn't have to cost a fortune. Often, it's the personal touch that seals the deal. Here are ideas gathered from marketing experts to help you make the most of a slim marketing budget on a bisiness.Use Press Release Power,you might not realize it, but reporters sometimes need you as much as you need them. The key to getting their attention is coming up with a newsworthy item that is concisely written. Make your release to real events, such as fundraising drives or a new service your business offers. Don't be witty to amuse yourself the idea must have a concrete purpose for marketing on a business.If you can't figure out why your company might be newsworthy, ask your friends what they find interesting about your company. You can also utilize your built in research tool your customers. If you have an offbeat idea, bounce it off them or have them fill out a short questionnaire. Ask them why they use your company for marketing on a business.


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